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letting go is how i love you now

each chapter of this spoken word memoir is a personal reflection of my past and current experiences with love, loss, and letting go.

inspired by different people, different relationships, different heartbreaks, and the different ways i have learned to heal aspects of myself i at some point stopped loving.

a diary recollection of the most vulnerable, painful, and beautiful moments in love i've had thus far, that after years of storing inside my chest,

i am finally ready to release.

letting go is the way i love so many people now.

letting go is the way i love me now. to the little girl inside of me who knows that there is still beauty after all this heartache,

this is for you.

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"a powerful reflection on heartbreak, tiffany aliyah's debut collection takes us on a journey through the pain & joy of love, the grief that sometimes follows, and the power in letting go."

to all the boys i loved before
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